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Teach Business English


eBook ISBN: 9780511921902

Telephone and Helpdesk Skills

Wallwork, Adrian

eBook ISBN: 9781493906383

Reward Business Resource Pack Upper Intermediate

Riley, David,Greenall, Simon

eBook ISBN: 9780230414235

Check Your English Vocabulary for Computers and Information Technology

Marks, Jon

eBook ISBN: 9781408102466

Check Your English Vocabulary for Living in the UK

Wyatt, Rawdon

eBook ISBN: 9781408102374

Express Series English for the Automobile Industry

Kavanagh, Marie

eBook ISBN: 9780194201193

Meetings, Negotiations, and Socializing

Wallwork, Adrian

eBook ISBN: 9781493906321

Specialised Languages in the Global Village

Perez-Llantada, Carmen,Watson, Maida

eBook ISBN: 9781443831048

Exploring the Dynamics of Second Language Writing


eBook ISBN: 9781139525213

Introducing Business English

Nickerson, Catherine,Planken, Brigitte

eBook ISBN: 9781317439271

Improve Your Global Business English

Talbot, Fiona,Bhattacharjee, Sudakshina

eBook ISBN: 9780749466152 9780749466152

Express Series English for Negotiating

Lafond, Charles,Vine, Sheila,Welch, Birgit

eBook ISBN: 9780194201322

Language of Business Meetings


eBook ISBN: 9780511903861

Network-based Language Teaching


eBook ISBN: 9781139525138

Curriculum Development for Legal English Programs

Sierocka, Halina

eBook ISBN: 9781443862424

Express Series English for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Michaela,Jahnig, Kathy,Matzig, Gloria,Weindler, Tanya

eBook ISBN: 9780194201339

Presentations, Demos, and Training Sessions

Wallwork, Adrian

eBook ISBN: 9781493906444

Check Your English Vocabulary for Business and Administration

Wyatt, Rawdon

eBook ISBN: 9781408102510

Express Series English for Sales & Purchasing

Gutjahr, Lothar,Mahoney, Sean

eBook ISBN: 9780194201353

Language Learning in Distance Education


eBook ISBN: 9780511500534

Displaying 1 to 20 of 182

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