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Editor's Toolkit

Wadsworth, Chris

eBook ISBN: 9781317367765

Adobe CS Production Premium for Final Cut Studio Editors

Jordan, Larry

eBook ISBN: 9781136057427

Small-Screen Shakespeare

Cochran, Peter

eBook ISBN: 9781443869690

Production Safety for Film, Television and Video

Small, Robin

eBook ISBN: 9781136044342

3D Motion Graphics for 2D Artists

Byrne, Bill

eBook ISBN: 9781136040184

DVD, Blu-ray and Beyond

eBook ISBN: 9783319627588 9783319627588

Antony and Cleopatra

Escolme, Bridget

eBook ISBN: 9780230804234

Implementing Mobile TV

Kumar, Amitabh,Kumar, Amitabh

eBook ISBN: 9781136032509

Bluescreen Compositing

Jackman, John

eBook ISBN: 9781136061509

Broadcaster's Guide to RBDS

Wright, Scott

eBook ISBN: 9781136026508

MXF Book

Wells, Nick,Morgan, Oliver,Wilkinson, Jim,Devlin, Bruce

eBook ISBN: 9781136068386

3D TV and 3D Cinema

Mendiburu, Bernard

eBook ISBN: 9781136040580

Creating PC Video

Stevenson, Douglas,Wolenik, Robert

eBook ISBN: 9781136042027

Plug-in to After Effects

Yamazaki, Michele

eBook ISBN: 9781136040023

Introduction to Video Production

Compesi, Ronald J.,Gomez, Jaime S.

eBook ISBN: 9781351784184

Essential TV Director's Handbook

Jarvis, Peter

eBook ISBN: 9781136049620

Tech Terms

Rutenbeck, Jeff

eBook ISBN: 9781136034503

Antony and Cleopatra

Turner, J.,Potter, Nicholas

eBook ISBN: 9780230208285

Moving Media Storage Technologies

Paulsen, Karl

eBook ISBN: 9781136023064

Shakespeare's King Lear

Nagarajan, S.

eBook ISBN: 9781443893459

Displaying 1 to 20 of 429

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