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Applied And Industrial Mathematics In Italy Ii - Selected Contributions From The 8th Simai Conference

eBook ISBN: 9789812709394

Optimal Control of Discrete Time Stochastic Systems

Striebel, C.

eBook ISBN: 9783642454707

Mathematical Aspects of Production and Distribution of Energy

eBook ISBN: 9780821892367

Numerical Treatment of Differential Equations

eBook ISBN: 9783540359708

Categorical Topology

eBook ISBN: 9783540351931

Tutorials in Mathematical Biosciences I

Borisyuk, Alla,Ermentrout, G. Bard,Friedman, Avner,Terman, David H.

eBook ISBN: 9783540315445

Quantum Independent Increment Processes II

Barndorff-Nielsen, Ole E,Franz, Uwe,Gohm, Rolf,Kummerer, Burkhard,Thorbjornsen, Steen

eBook ISBN: 9783540323853

Spline Functions

eBook ISBN: 9783540380733

Probability Measures on Groups

eBook ISBN: 9783540354062

Number Theory Day

eBook ISBN: 9783540359852

Future of College Mathematics

eBook ISBN: 9781461255109

Fields Medallists' Lectures, 2nd Edition

Atiyah, Michael,Iagolnitzer, Daniel

eBook ISBN: 9789812564856

Study of Time II

eBook ISBN: 9783642501210

Reversibility in Dynamics and Group Theory

O'Farrell, Anthony G.,Short, Ian

eBook ISBN: 9781316192023

Banach Algebras 97

eBook ISBN: 9783110802009

Proceedings Of The Second Asian Mathematical Conference 1995

eBook ISBN: 9789814529402

Mathematical Aspects of Finite Element Methods

eBook ISBN: 9783540371588


eBook ISBN: 9783110805697

Metamorphoses of Hamiltonian Systems with Symmetries

Efstathiou, Konstantinos

eBook ISBN: 9783540315506

First European Congress of Mathematics Paris, July 6-10, 1992

eBook ISBN: 9783034891127

Displaying 1 to 20 of 20927

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