Save Money

Our digital textbooks are up   to 50% cheaper than print books

All Devices

Download your digital textbooks to   your laptop, tablet and smartphone


No more carrying around heavy books,   keep them all on your lightweight devices


Highlight, write notes and easily search   for keywords or phrases

So Organised

All your highlighting and notes are organised   together in one place for easy review

Quick + Easy

Download on all your devices for   simple online and offline reading

There are many benefits of using books in an eBook format. Some of these include:

  • Easy access - eBooks provide 24/7 online and offline access from anywhere, anytime
  • Downloadable to multiple devices
  • Greater security - reduced book loss/damage
  • Reduced study costs - in most cases, eBooks are cheaper than print books
  • Instantly available - unlike print books, eBooks never run out of stock
  • Highly portable and won't weigh you down - a typical tablet can carry thousands of eBooks
  • Enhanced book functionality - multimedia features which allow you to create and organize content
  • Unique search features - Search entire database of eBooks for a specific phrase or keyword
  • Integrated - all your study materials on a single platform
  • Environmentally friendly - no trees were cut down to provide your digital content
  • Quick to download - on average it only takes a few minutes
  • Easy to use in an electronic learning environment

For further information on downloading and/or transferring your eBooks to a specific device, please refer to our FAQs.