Our program aims to facilitate discovery and transform the learning experience by allowing you easy access to the most relevant, up-to-date research and academic learning content. Going digital gives you instant access to learning content anytime, anywhere, on any device for both online and offline reading.

Our platform offers access to digital resources from an extensive range of international publishers, educational institutions and industry/association bodies. This includes learning resources on English Language Teaching (ELT), as well as Non-ELT content in multiple languages.

eBooks are a cost effective, easy-to-access alternative to print books, offering you additional functionality to highlight, write notes and easily search for keywords or phrases. Digital AudioBooks are also a great way to teach and enjoy listening by immersing yourself in literature, enjoying all the essence and delights of storytelling.

All digital educational resources requested will go through an import process, unless we have confirmation that this has previously been completed.

edusource is also forming important alliances with other higher education service providers to offer further digital learning solutions for your educational institution or business.

Corporate Information

The Syncordia Group was founded in 2011 after acquiring a digital publishing technology platform. We are a global technology company, focused on flexible digital learning solutions and services for the education sector. Our offerings include traditional digital conversion services through to our broader capabilities in designing, building and managing multimedia, eLibrary and eBookstore platforms.

Syncordia's 'first mover' position is about disrupting the traditional academic content market by creating and distributing digital content in a unique format anywhere, anytime and on any device, to meet the changing needs of the global education sector.

In the climate of change brought about by digitisation, our vision is to be one of the global leaders of digital solutions, enabling educational institutions to operate in a seamless manner. Innovation is the key to driving education to new levels in what has been a very traditional and unchanged sector, and Syncordia is closely engaging with institutions and authorities to effect change in this area.

Syncordia also owns its own suite of applications, with our differentiator being our ability to digitise, aggregate, manage and distribute local and international learning content on a single platform. Our consulting services around contextualising digital learning to suit both the environment and the resources, ensures learners are engaged and that they understand and retain the information being taught in complex subjects.

Syncordia has launched its program in Australia, with our expansion plans well underway in within China and the broader Asian market. This website and the edusource platform are operated by 辛迪克(上海)科技有限公司 trading as Syncordia (China), under license from its owner, the Syncordia Group.